Sjogren's Syndrome awareness

Greater awareness about the condition would aid faster diagnosis. Once diagnosed, therapy for Sjögren's syndrome is possible. Dr. V.R. Joshi MD
Consultant Rheumatologist, Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai


True stories about Sjogren's Syndrome at Lynne's Page about Sjogren's Syndrome.

Have you visited our facebook page which gives you resources to share about Sjogren's Syndrome?
Are you joining in to spread Sjogren's awareness and if so what are you doing? I would love to hear?


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  2. Sjogren's Syndrome Natural Treatment may improve various symptoms. Dryness in the eyes and mouth are symptoms of Sjogren’s Syndrome.

  3. Symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome can vary from one person to the next. Always consult with your doctor and dental specialist before rolling out improvements in your medicines. You may want to explore Sjogren's Syndrome Natural Treatment alternatives.


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